Multiservice for cryptocurrency trade in goods and services

Affiliate program


Promote your affiliate link and get instant payments in ETH


Each month, from 1 October 2018 onwards, we will create a new smart contract that will receive 20% of the profits from the project wallet.

Token pricing

1 GQC = 0.0004 ETH

Special offer

If you buy tokens at the amount over 5 ETH, you get +25% of tokens, over 10 ETH +50% of tokens, over 15 ETH +75% of tokens, over 20 ETH +100% of tokens.

Quickly-Cheaply is the first simple crypto-tool for business that helps sellers sell goods and services for cryptocurrencies all around the world.

Why Quickly-Cheaply Will Grow?

Trade globalization

Growth of electronic commerce

Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing industry of trading and investing

The easiest way to sell and buy goods and services for cryptocurrencies

Trade around the world for everyone

Low commission for transactions

Start with one click

Manage and use on any device

I want to profit from the project!

We will distribute 20% of profit on the holders of tokens from 1 October 2018