Affiliate program

Earn with us

We have created and are developing not just a tool for crypto business. We are creating a space for earnings and mutually beneficial cooperation. For this reason, we have allocated 21% of revenue from token sales to the referral system.

How it works:

You promote your affiliate link. People go to the link, buy tokens and take part in the affiliate program under you. You will receive referral commissions from 5 levels of your team. We pay 21% as a referral commission:

1 level - 8%
2 level - 6%
3 level - 4%
4 level - 2%
5 level - 1%

We will immediately calculate which referral commissions you can earn. Enter the average number of people in the line and the average payment amount


1 level = $200
2 level = $750
3 level = $2500
4 level = $6250
5 level = $15000

Total: $24700 of potential commissions!

No empty promises and no restrictions

We do not have any deferred charges and restrictions as to the minimum withdrawal amount. The percent from a person's payment who entered via your link will be immediately transferred to your wallet. You wrote a post, made a video, attracted users and they paid - you have to get the money at once, not “later” or “once you have sufficient...”.

We are not an MLM Company, we use a referral program to optimize promotion expenses. We will be also involved in attracting new investors to our company, and we will also receive referral charges from 5 levels below us. But we do not keep the money - we give it to you. The collected funds through our link will be spent for creating a GIFT FUND and we will distribute it proportionally among all affiliates who will attract 5 referrals to their first level.

Continue to earn with us

The team you have created will always be in our system and you will be able to continue to earn referral commissions after the end of our ICO, helping us to expand the range of our customers around the world.

In addition to earning, our affiliate program enables you to join the emerging community of crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors.

Our builder is now working in three languages, but will work in all significant languages and you will be able to help owners of retail and online businesses to connect our builder to sell their products for cryptocurrency in the expanding crypto world.

During the ICO period, you can buy nowadays a subscription to the builder for only $10 per year. Right after a successful ICO, we will set other retail prices, and at least half of the money will be distributed according to the same referral program.

Get your affiliate link

Enter your wallet address to receive an affiliate link
Ethereum and e-mail, buy tokens of 0.2 ETH or more

I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the content of the document, including risk disclosure, received all the information I need to make a risk-based decision. I also understood that the tokens offered have no buyback option and all transactions during the ICO are final and irrevocable. By participating in the ICO I confirm that I am not a resident or a citizen of the United States.

WARNING: It is very important to enter YOUR OWN wallet address (for example, Meta Mask or MyEtherWallet) from which you are going to send ETH and buy GQC tokens. Do not transfer funds from your account on any crypto exchanges or any other service other than your personal wallet, otherwise tokens will be lost!!!


If you have any questions, please email partner@quickly-cheaply.com